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Dato Darren Yaw’s tutor academy is the most trusted tutoring platform among parents in Asia. From the million lessons we've delivered, we've received many positive reviews.

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Lessons are more than just a video call. They all take place in our custom-designed, interactive learning environment. Tutors use interactive exercises to make learning fun.

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Dato Darren Yaw believes that only qualified teachers should work as online tutors. They are subject-matter experts who were chosen for their knowledge of the curriculum.

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Our online tutors are available at all times. Dato Sri Darren Yaw chose the best tutors from among thousands of qualified educators.

Who is Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw?

One-to-one tuition was always the best way to improve grades. However, tuition has been out of reach for most families because it was difficult to find them; they were expensive or had other problems. Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw was frustrated by the difficulty in finding a tutor for his daughters. He also wanted to solve some of the education sector’s most complex problems and is passionate about helping disadvantaged children succeed in school.

Portrait of Asian teacher and College Students in the laboratory classroom,

How it works

Dato Sri Darren Yaw’s team built a platform that allows anyone to connect with talented and trusted tutors and seamlessly book and manage their lessons in just a few years.

Dato Dr Darren Yaw’s solution

Dato Sri Darren Yaw founded this online tutor  to provide life-changing tuition to all, and this mission motivates us to get out of bed and come to work every day. Our online network of excellent tutors helps students from all walks of life. Lessons are tailored to each individual and accommodate any family’s hectic schedule.

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Homeschool Asian little young girl learning online class from school teacher.

Online tutoring proves potential

We can’t stop you worrying about your child. But our expert tutors selected by Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw  can help their grades up  and confidence soar – and help you worry a little less. Online tutoring allows children to learn at their own pace and in a way that suits their learning style. 

Success stories from parents

I'm glad we found a good tutor for my daughter through Dato Sri Darren Yaw's online tutor. The platform is smart and simple to use, and the tutor is excellent, always responding quickly to any questions we had.
Lee Lee
Because my daughter suffers from social anxiety, introducing a new person into her life can be challenging. She now looks forward to seeing her tutor on a weekly basis, and we even hear giggling from her bedroom during lessons!
Sarah Khan
My granddaughter has been taking math lessons with Dato Darren Yaw’s tutor team, and the difference in her confidence has been amazing. She eagerly anticipates her lessons, both online and in school!
Margaret Chow

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